Beauty Trends Of 2023 We’re Taking Into 2024…

Jan 02, 2024

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Beauty Trends Of 2023 We’re Taking Into 2024…

From the “clean girl aesthetic” movement inspiring brands to unveil skin-loving tints and low-coverage foundations to the empowering celebration of diversity through companies like HNB Cosmetics leading the charge with their extensive shade ranges and inclusion of diverse models, the beauty trends this year have been dominated by a shift towards embracing and enhancing natural beauty as well as representation. Let’s take a look at those that have shaped the year and what we can expect to see more of in 2024!


‘Clean Girl’ aesthetic

This list would not be complete without including the Clean Girl Aesthetic, which has taken the internet by storm this year and amassed an impressive 7.6 billion views on TikTok. This shift towards a more neutral and minimalist look has helped people embrace a more natural style of makeup, with people favouring skin tints and blush over the harsh contour and baking that has been popular in previous years.


♬ –

Curtain bangs

One of the most coveted beauty trends of 2023, curtain bangs have over 4.5 billion views on TikTok alone. This 70s inspired style is almost universally-flattering and low maintenance – meaning it is unsurprising it was the most popular haircut this year. 


this is the hair trend for summer 2023 ✨ #hairtrends2023 #summerhair #layeredhaircut #curtainbangs

♬ Don Toliver No Idea But its latin – CalixtoIVy

Slick back bun

This has been one of the biggest beauty trends of 2023, all thanks to Sofia Richie and her iconic style. After her fairytale wedding this summer, the internet was gripped by Sofia’s effortless, old money aesthetic – and her signature slick back bun hairstyle. Sofia’s hair stylist and Sofia herself took to TikTok to show the world how easy it is to recreate this look with these videos garnering 1.4M views and 30.6M views respectively.


Sleek lazy girl bun ??

♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge

Latte hair 

The ‘Latte Hair’ trend emerged this summer from one of the other beauty trends of 2023: the ‘Latte Makeup’ look started by Hailey Bieber on TikTok. This trend is all about embracing rich, warm brown tones mixed with blonde highlights in your hair to reflect the shades of your morning coffee, whilst preserving hair health and gloss. 


One caramel latte please ☕️?✨ #hairtransformation #lattehair #lattemakeup #brunette #bronde

♬ original sound – RedkenUKI

‘Strawberry Girl’ makeup

Hailey Bieber was at the forefront of many makeup beauty trends of 2023, and the Strawberry Girl makeup trend was no different. In her tutorial video which has now gained over 22.7M views, she uses her Rare Beauty products to achieve this minimal, blushed and sun kissed look which has since been replicated by people across the internet. 


Everday Strawberry Makeup ??

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

Glass skin

Achieving ‘glass skin’ was one of the most popular skincare beauty trends of 2023. Emerging from Korean beauty trends, internet users were captivated with the idea of achieving flawless, glowy and almost impossibly-dewey skin. This filtered into the makeup industry too, with people opting to ‘fake it until they make it’ with dewy foundations and highlighter in the meantime. 


My simple glass skin routine?‍♀️ all products in my bio! Click on my amazon store link #skintok #kbeauty #glassskin #glowyskin

♬ Icytwat X Ethereal Type Beat “Stars” – Bvtter

Faux freckles

This general shift in the beauty trends this year towards keeping things natural has also led to freckles being embraced by people rather than covered up. Whether it is henna, fake tan, root spray or eyeliner, this year has been fully stocked with internet hacks on how to achieve the perfect faux freckles. 


Replying to @oursadieofmercy Fake Tan Faux Freckles Hack✨ #fauxfreckles #fakefreckles #freckles #faketan #faketanfreckles #faketanhack #makeuphacks #faketanhacks #selftan #makeuptok

♬ original sound – –

Gua Sha routines

A trend emerging from the traditional Chinese medicinal practice, the hashtag #guasha has 2.9 billion views on TikTok and is one of the top beauty trends of 2023. This facial massage tool is used to reduce facial puffiness and encourage lymphatic drainage, leading millions of people to incorporate this method into their self care routine. It is also believed to help reduce signs of aging and act as a natural alternative to dermal fillers, meaning that this trend is also all about enhancing and preserving your natural beauty. 


Guasha Routine from now on 🙂 #doublechin #guashatutorial #guashafacial #fypシ

♬ Emotions – Brenda Lee

Chrome nails

This nail look was the trendiest manicure choice of 2023, particularly in the Spring/Summer period. Credited largely to Hailey Beiber yet again, the chrome nail trend emerged after she showcased her ‘glazed doughnut’ nails on her social media, which subsequently led to the hashtag #glazeddonutnails receiving 387.6 million views and #chromenails receiving 1.8 billion views on TikTok. This low maintenance, Y2K inspired aesthetic was a major hit and is definitely following us into the new year.


@Campbell Puckett shares the recipe for her pretty #chromenails ?? #OPI #OPIObsessed #glazeddonutnails #glazed #glazednails #HaileyBieberNails #SheerNails #NailTrends #trending #ring #weddingnails #bridalnails

♬ original sound – OPI

Laminated brows

A list of the most engaging beauty trends of 2023 would not be complete without mentioning the laminated brows trend. This semi-permanent version of the ‘soap brows’ trend, this involves perming the eyebrow hairs in a brushed-up position to create the look of perfect, sleek and full brows without any makeup or the commitment of microblading. 


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♬ Lovin On Me – Jack Harlow

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