Non-Executive Director USA

Can you help Socially Powerful grow in the North American Market?

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What we need

Enthusiasm. Serenity. Resilience

Socially Powerful is embarking on a mission to establish itself as a North American powerhouse, and the time has never been more ripe to seize this opportunity.

We're on the lookout for Non-Executive Directors with extensive Marketing and Advertising expertise, whether gained in agencies or on the brand side, to join our team. Your role will be pivotal in shaping the future of our dynamic and growing agency. We're actively seeking candidates from the United States, reflecting our commitment to the North American market, as well as Europe (including the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands) and China.

You're at a stage in your career where you aspire to leave a lasting legacy and create a genuine impact by aligning with a project brimming with potential. Your track record should demonstrate a knack for driving growth and exhibiting leadership within the Marketing and Advertising industry. Your passion for imparting your wealth of experience to our Management Team is paramount.

At Socially Powerful, we thrive on learning and crave challenges. We welcome your critical insights and guidance. Are we charting the correct course? How can we enhance our approach? Is our strategic direction sound? Can you facilitate new opportunities and assist us in securing fresh business ventures? We're eager to collaborate and evolve with your expertise.

Key Responsibilities
  • Support the direction and business strategy of the company, implementing new systems and ways of working.
  • The person should constructively challenge decisions and help the management team to develop fresh ideas.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the company’s affairs and that of its clients.
  • Help the management team generate New Business through introductions and have direct contact with key decision-makers within organisations, brands (e.g. Marketing Director, CMO level).
  • Must act with integrity in carrying out his / her functions.
  • Coach the management team on agreed terms and be available for contact when required.
  • Have a strong understanding on how to position an agency to get the attention of potential target decision-makers.


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