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Unlock The Power Of Social Video With A Vlogger

It is hard to overstate the power of video to engage audiences online. On social, it is also a very shareable medium; indeed, social video is responsible for 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. For these reasons, it is also easy to see the appeal of the "vlogger".

The "vlogger" regularly posts new content to video blogs, otherwise known as "vlogs" - a practice that entered the mainstream with the arrival of YouTube. Given how engrossing vlogging content can be, it makes sense to ask us to recruit a vlogger to add to your marketing efforts.

Where Vloggers Are, So Is Your Target Audience

Much like traditional blogs, vlogs allow audiences to follow specific creators and experts to learn about their thoughts, opinions and expertise on a given subject. When YouTube launched, it enabled vloggers to upload, free of charge, videos to a platform that could be easily searched.

Indeed, today, YouTube is the world's second most popular search engine - after Google, which itself owns YouTube. As a result, whether your brand's specialism is sports, fashion, tech, travel, lifestyle or anything else, members of your target audience can be surprisingly easy to reach.

Thanks to our expertise across a wide range of sectors, we can help you to establish a resilient partnership with a vlogger, who could become your new strongest brand advocate. Chosen well, that vlogger can promote your offerings in a way that naturally appeals to your target audience.

Content Remains King When It Comes To Vlogging

Why have vloggers become popular? One reason why is the sheer versatility of content which modern video platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, enable them to share. You can tap into this rich vein of functionality when it's your products that are on film.

On video, vlog influencers can visually show your product and how it works - a particular boon when mere words and static images just won't suffice. For example, a vlogger could show how a new camera or printer could be set up or film themselves testing the water-resistance of a new line of swimwear.

As you have probably gathered, the possibilities look endless - and, when our in-depth data, metrics and analysis inform the decisions made for the campaign, results are guaranteed. This is not a claim that we make lightly. We can also back up our claim that we are capable of accessing almost any vlogger.

Start your vlogging marketing journey today by getting in touch with Socially Powerful. You can reach us by calling one of our offices dotted around the globe or just filling in and sending an online contact form. We are already active where video itself is - including on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Meanwhile, our site's insight page and blog detail fascinating research findings.


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