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Tap Into The Influencer Marketing Power Of Twitter

With roughly 330 million users active every month and about 500 million tweets sent daily on the platform, Twitter is a promising playground for businesses looking to up their influencer marketing game. Furthermore, Twitter's influence on popular culture is difficult to overstate.

These days, when your target customers want to catch a live stream of their favourite singer or sports team in action, receive technical support for the product they have just bought or even just catch up on the news, Twitter - and its community of influencers - is very probably where they are.

Why A Simple Tweet Can Be A Marketing Treat

When someone is trying to decide what product or service to buy, they are bound to heed advice from relevant experts, who are abundant on Twitter. According to research by Twitter itself, partnering with the right Twitter influencers could help you to grow customers' purchase intent by 88%.

Twitter has become an increasingly dynamic platform over the years, having outgrown its origins as a mere micro-blogging site. Today, influencers can enthral their followers by sharing social video, holding polls and running hashtag challenges - and your own brand can share in the benefits.

What We Can Bring To Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

However, there remains the challenge of finding the "right" Twitter influencers and establishing the long-term relationships with them that can see them advocating your offerings to people especially inclined to buy. Fortunately, our influencer marketing team can save you much legwork.  

Whether the best fit for your company's mission is a big-name celebrity with millions of followers or a micro-influencer who imparts pearls of their niche wisdom to a small but dedicated following, we can almost certainly access that influencer on your behalf.

Twitter has developed and changed significantly - in both its functionality and community - since the site launched in 2006. However, we have continued to hone our expertise about Twitter - all of our campaigns are driven by in-depth analysis and insight, enabling us to account for your specific needs.

The versatility of Twitter makes it a suitable place to find influencers representing a significant range of interests including sports, fashion, technology and lifestyle. As a result, no matter where you are in your marketing journey, we are confident that Twitter can help you to reach the next stage.

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