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Stay Looped In With LinkedIn's B2B Influencer Marketers

The professional social network LinkedIn has long been the "dark horse" of influencer marketing. As this Microsoft-owned portal is primarily used by companies in the B2B - rather than B2C - sector, the influencer marketing possibilities enabled by the site have often been underestimated.

However, it would be at your own B2B outfit's peril to overlook LinkedIn's potential in this space. The site now has over 575 million users, including more than 260 million monthly active users - and influencer marketing could help you to resonate with key decision-makers on the network.

LinkedIn Is Rich In Unrealised Potential

One reason why LinkedIn has been misunderstood as an influencer marketing channel is that many rules of B2C promotion on consumer-facing networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter do not necessarily apply in the B2B space. Hence, the approach needs to be tailored accordingly.

For example, whereas a one-off tie-in with a celebrity influencer can reap dividends in engagement and revenue for a B2C brand, a B2B business would do better to forge lasting relationships when dealing with LinkedIn influencers. Fortunately, our agency can help you to do exactly that.   

A Beneficial Relationship For The Long Term, Not Just A One-Off Return

Business committees active on LinkedIn tend to take longer sales journeys and make larger purchase decisions than the individuals to which B2C brands market. This means that a LinkedIn influencer can be more invested in your brand when it commits itself to an ongoing relationship with them.

At Socially Powerful, we are proud to declare that we can reach almost any influencer on your behalf. When approaching them, we can demonstrate our ability to produce dynamic content capable of creating value for the audiences of both the influencer and your brand. This stage can be crucial for helping the LinkedIn influencer to see the benefits of partnering with your company.

As your relationship with a LinkedIn influencer develops, we can heed changes in their industry to ensure that the content stays relevant. Our considerable research into influencer marketing is a testament to this diligence - whether your goals concern reaching out to new audiences, driving traffic, spurring downloads or, indeed, helping yourself to meet those tough sales targets.

For further insight into how LinkedIn influencer partnerships could help you to reach the next stage of your promotional journey, please contact us. Whether you call us on +44 (0) 203 735 9054 or use our email address, we can educate you about our social media prowess, which also covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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