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Are we in the entertainment industry ourselves? Well, we sort of are. Everything we do is dedicated to touching on the crucial passion points that connect audiences with entertainment brands – so like every good show, movie, game or production company, we’re wholeheartedly devoted to emotive, engaging stories and messages.

And so are our influencers, who’ve created an entertainment niche all of their own, that people all over the world tune into every single day. At Socially Powerful, we connect you with them, and they pass on your message, (entertainingly, of course!) to your audience.

Leaving Them Wanting More...

Every campaign we run involves precision, strategy, understanding your brand and audience, and ensuring the content we deliver is seen by the right people, at the most ideal time. And the ideal impact, which we continuously deliver for all our entertainment brands, is that your audience want to hear more from you, over and over again.

Using our data-driven insight into the industry, we select the right channels, pen the most engaging images, and reach out to the influencers who are ready-made to tell your story. They’ve already nailed their audition – proving to us through our own, best-in-class analysis of their performance, that they’re ideally positioned to inspire and engage your audience. They’ve got the part, the story-telling nuance they need to deliver, and all they need is a new brand to work with – and it could be you.

At Socially Powerful, we also deliver a wide range of other creative and strategic services, tailor made for entertainment brands. We count Machine Zone, Huawei and Microsoft amongst our many entertainment clients, but realistically everything we do is about entertainment (it’s just known across sectors as marketing!).

Socially Powerful was established on our passion for telling stories and creating content, and we’ve been evolving our campaigns, techniques and technology ever since. Always at the forefront of the social media marketing landscape, and leveraging the incredible opportunities of influencer marketing like no other agency on the planet.

With a network of hundreds of thousands of influencers already within our reach, and our team always looking out for the next personality your audience will love, we guarantee results for each and every client.

To put your brand and products in front of a new audience, or inspire the community you’ve already built, contact our team to get started. At Socially Powerful we are always looking for new insight into every sector that our services were designed to empower. To see what we’re doing right now, find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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