TikTok Users Can Get Creative With Exciting New Giphy Integration

TikTok is adding an exciting new element to it’s already hugely popular mobile app. Last week, the app announced that it is partnering with Giphy to allow users to add GIFs to their content and create their own GIFs to share with others.


TikTok has seen unrivalled growth in the past year, and is currently the 12th most popular app worldwide on iOS. And this success looks set to continue, with the recent partnership with Giphy giving TikTok an even wider profile.

With the new integration, TikTok users will be able to add GIFs (animated stickers) to their own short videos, which they can then share with the followers. Whilst this is the first time this type of feature has been available on TikTok, it is not an unprecedented development, with Giphy already offering the same options on Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and other social media platforms.

However, TikTok has also worked with Giphy to create exclusive GIFs which reference some of the most popular memes and phrases from the platform. “TikTok worked with creators and the Giphy studio team to turn popular TikTok memes into GIFs,” explained a spokesperson for TikTok. “To create this content we invited a group of creative, funny and diverse creators, including @DreaKnowBest, @Gabe, @BenoftheWeek, to immortalise themselves in GIF form”.

TikTok is also adding an extra element; inviting users to make their very own GIFs from their TikTok videos. Users will be able to then export their own GIFs with the Giphy app and can then share these on other platforms where Giphy is integrated.

TikTok is hoping that this new and exciting feature will encourage users to get even more creative with their videos and will also allow users to share their own content on other platforms in a fun and novel way.

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