VLOG! What’s the problem with social media and mobile phones in general?  The big failing and mistake, lies with us as people.

Do you ever have a conversation with a friend and they pick up their phone, start flicking through, tapping the screen, barely giving you any of their attention? 

Are you guilty of it? People don't know when to switch of, listen and take in what the other person in saying. We're all guilty of it, it’s an addiction!

In this episode with Mariano Di Vaio we are finalising the ending to the shoot in Paris and preparing for the arrival of another influencer Toni Mahfud. Nick’s 2011 MacBook finally packs in, so the guys go off to buy a new one, which inspires a parody “Unboxing” video in their hotel room.

We hope you enjoy the Vlog, the next one is out on Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled, or better still, press that subscribe button ;)