For those unaware, Snapchat is the latest big name to change it's layout and features! Last week Instagram started to leak changes to the timeline, where the content you engage with most will be featured at the top of the timeline. RIP to the chronological timeline!

So what has Snapchat done?! Here's a brief over view.

  1. Firstly Snapchat have changed the icons on the bottom right and bottom left of your screen! The usability has improved, as they now stay on screen when you press no longer have to SWIPE, you tap and the screen swipes. (if you want to swipe, you can)

  2. The discovery section has had a massive overhaul, it now takes pride of place at the top of your Timeline under your story, so naturally should get more traction from the average user. Previously, people avoided the publishers content, as it didn't feel natural or fit with Snapchat as a whole, it's now pretty hard to ignore. Sure, the new feature helps them stand out further as they are constantly scrolling attracting the eye, so more people should click - however, it still feels like it's forced on the app due to advertisement revenue, rather than it be a key need or want of the user.

  3. The discovery section has replaced where the live stories used to live, which are now found after the recent stories section, half way down - essentially downplaying a feature which was popular among users, to push the publishers content to the top of the homepage.

Snapchat has always felt like a platform that was raw, ready and fun - content was easy to upload and share with the friends. Whilst the discover section may be necessary for revenue, the content on there doesn't fit with the platforms DNA. It's too polished and professional, it should be rough, simple and's none of those. The content should be the same as everyone else's, it feels like advertising and people hate being sold to. Strip back the professional production and have Sky Sports News Presenters using the app, updating people with sports news how everyone else does! How engaging and relevant would that be?

Who's next? Twitter? Vine? You guys haven't made a big move in a while, let's see what you've got!