Going Viral With #BabesOfMissguided

Missguided is one of the top online fashion stores in the UK. With a developed and prominent brand voice, Missguided has millions of fans now expanding all over the world. But one hashtag in particular made an impact and went viral: #BabesOfMissguided.

Missguided have never had an issue with creating viral content, as its campaign #KEEPONBEINGYOU went viral, and aimed to inspire women to love and embrace their flaws. From this campaign, #BabesOfMissguided was born. The idea behind the hashtag was to reinvent the term ‘babe’. The word was classically used in the 90s and 00’s to refer to a girl with a hot body. Those women were simply described by men as: a babe.

“Dude, she’s such a babe,” was a phrase commonly heard in teenage movies, sitcoms and probably from the mouth’s of those American surfer type guys’, when referring to a ‘hot girl’. The term babe was only used to refer to how hot a girl was, not by her personality or her achievements. If she looked good to a guy, she was deemed a babe. Missguided wanted to change that.

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During their #KEEPONBEINGYOU campaign, Missguided noticed a new wave of feminism taking place online. Not only were women encouraging other women to be whoever they wanted to be, but they were beginning to own phrases that originally may have been used to degrade them. So, they gave the word babe a makeover too.

#BabesOfMissguided was created to combat the history of the term babe. Missguided wanted to use it to describe a group of unstoppable females - which is a concept that is at the heart of its brand.

Missguided are encouraging women to express their style and creativity in the name of fashion, which is one of the reasons #BabesOfMissguided started to go viral. The hashtag allows women to share their creativity online within a community of people who support that same message as Missguided, and each week, the #BabesOfMissguided tag is scowered, looking for the most inspiring women to feature on the Missguided blog.

Babes of Missguided also has subsections to reach all of its target audience. “Student Edit”, “Coachella Edit” and collaborations between the brand and influencers all reach different ‘Babes’ with different styles. Could this be one of the reasons that #BabesOfMissguided went viral? Or is it the empowerment that comes with it? The answer is: both.

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The combination of targeting different types of women and encouraging them all to get involved in the #BabesOfMissguided hashtag is a new concept, as every woman, no matter their style, interests or body type can be a babe (a woman who is killing it, not just a hot girl.)

The new wave of feminism that can be found online, generally on social media, empowers women to be whoever they want to be, which is the key to this viral hashtag. Giving women, young or old, the option to dress however they want, and still be classed as bad ass is amazing! Women are now owning the slurs that are often thrown their way. Fashion is a massive part of that, so for Missguided to be leaders in this movement, is integral, and leads to viral content!

As well as there being a story behind #BabesOfMissguided, it’s also just very engaging and easy to get involved in. Social media users want to share their outfits, their styles, their stories, and they want to be heard. This hashtag does exactly that, allowing people to express themselves naturally, and own a style all whilst supporting other people who are doing the same thing. And, with a big brand being the creators of the hashtag, there are already a foundation of fans and supporters who saw the hashtag and got involved, which led to sharing and expanding!

Going viral doesn’t always involve an algorithm, or a detailed plan. This viral hashtag all started with a movement and with empowerment, and other women just wanted to support that, which led to a viral campaign, and some great new looks.

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