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An influencer marketing agency is a specialized type of creative marketing agency that focuses on connecting brands with online influencers and content creators to develop and execute marketing campaigns.

Working with influencer marketing agencies can be beneficial for brands that lack the in-house expertise or resources to effectively execute influencer marketing campaigns. Agencies bring industry knowledge, established influencer relationships, and the ability to manage complex campaigns, which can lead to more successful marketing outcomes.

Global influencer marketing

Social platforms are filled with distractions, and capturing attention is essential. With our influencer marketing agency services, we cut through the noise and create meaningful connections with your target audience with end-to-end tailored influencer marketing programmes unique to your goals and brand DNA.

We’re Socially Powerful, a global influencer marketing firm with offices in the UK, US, Europe, China and Dubai. Scroll down to learn how we work, read one of our case studies or find an answer to your question at the FAQ.

Performance and technology

As a pioneering influencer marketing company- we’ve been there from the start of the influencer industry; we have helped the world’s biggest brands and startups foster genuine connections with audiences in every territory imaginable. We’re platform agnostic, building global influencer strategies and influencer campaigns across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat and many other platforms.

In 2024, we launched our influencer marketing technology – Aria. Born from a vision to empower brands of all sizes, Aria stands apart by providing an all-encompassing influencer platform for seamless influencer discovery, outreach, and collaboration. Unlike conventional influencer platforms that demand payment for access, we firmly believe in democratizing the influencer landscape and are giving it away for free. The real power of influencer marketing doesn’t come from technology. It comes from the creative minds of our employees at our influencer agency.


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Award-Winning Agency

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Influencer Agency

Socially Powerful has been involved in the influencer marketing world since 2017 as a pioneering influence marketing agency. We have worked for the world's biggest brands, delivering influencer campaigns in every corner of the globe and across every social platform.

If you're looking for an influencer marketing firm that understands social media and knows how to get influencer marketing to perform and operate as an extension of your team, Socially Powerful is that influencer advertising agency.


Influencer Marketing Strategies

At Socially Powerful, we develop innovative influencer marketing campaigns with long-term business goals in mind with creativity, guaranteed performance and influencers at their core.

Whether you're looking to access global celebrities, the biggest influencers on social media through to macro, micro and even nano influencers, we utilise our proprietary influencer technology Aria to do so.


Content Strategy

Our content strategies give influencers the freedom to be authentic on platforms with the most power. It's not advertising – it's storytelling, and we enable brands to seamlessly integrate into hard-to-access audiences through carefully matched influencers, connecting with culture as one.


Paid Social

Our digital marketing team utilizes paid media to supercharge your influencer marketing campaign, ensuring the best possible results for your brand across all social platforms.

We supercharge your investment by selecting engaging organic influencer content and driving it to broader audiences across social media. On average, ads from an influencer channel perform 7X than brand-owned media; we'll show you how!


Influencer Campaign Measurement

We set goal-oriented and data-driven KPIs before every influencer marketing campaign starts. That’s how we guarantee success. We measure progress from inception to finish and provide you with transparent, tangible insights with results that impact your brand or business.


Influencer Marketing Technology

We have built our own influencer marketing technology, known as "Aria." Born out of the frustration of other tools, we developed this to democratize the influencer marketing industry, giving it away for free.

Accessing influencers is a hygiene factor in influencer marketing. You need an agency that understands social, strategy and creativity that sings to the audience you want to reach. You can access Aria here. Step into the influencer platform where you aren't bound by paying to access information; you have it all for free.


Influencer Marketing AI

Aria, our influencer technology utilises AI prompt search based for precision discovery, based on interests, keywords, and image recognition. Aria goes beyond traditional search with three layers of intelligent enrichment. Firstly, we harness proprietary data and crowdsourced tagging, enhancing influencer profiles with historical insights.

Next, Aria dives deep into captions, bios, interests, and keywords, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. Lastly, it doesn't stop there – Aria employs visual search based on your prompt, adding a new dimension to influencer discovery.


Influencer Matchmaking

Every brand has a perfect influencer, and we always know where to find them. Through our in-house tools and technology team, we have unrivalled access to the influencer world through our influencer marketing platform Aria.

Connecting you with influencers aligned to your brand goals to get people talking and acting. 
Whether you're looking for A-list celebrities, YouTube's biggest stars, the best creators on TikTok or a large-scale global, multi-platform influencer campaign, we have you covered.

Case Study

Our work:

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Socially Powerful is a global full service influencer marketing agency that has scaled, worked with and retained some of the most recognisable brands across the world. We were born from the influencer marketing space and have grown and matured alongside the industry.  With our team of experts and social scientists using in-house tools and influencer platforms, we have a comprehensive understanding of the influencer and social media landscapes. Our thorough influencer marketing process ensures our understanding of your brand, creative concepts, influencer selections and campaign analysis are relevant and optimised to guarantee success.

Influencer marketing agencies can help your business because they play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between brands and their target audiences through strategic collaborations with online influencers. Top influencer agencies specialize in identifying, engaging, and managing relationships with influencers across various social media platforms to create and execute marketing campaigns that resonate with the influencers followers. Want to know more? Then read what benefits an influencer agency has for your business.

Deciding whether to work with an influencer marketing agency involves weighing the potential benefits against the costs and considering your brand's specific needs and capabilities. Influencer marketing agencies offer expertise, connections, and services that can streamline the process of running influencer campaigns. Read our guide about what an influencer agency does to get a clear picture of what social media influencer campaigns can do for your brand.

An influencer marketing agency generally charges a few hundred to several thousand dollars per campaign, with monthly service plans ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 or more. Influencer marketing agencies charge for their services in various ways, and the cost can vary significantly based on several factors, including the scope of the campaign, the popularity and reach of the influencers involved, and the specific services provided. Want to know more? Then read our guide about what an influencer marketing agency costs.

Yes, we are combining organic influencer content and paid social offers to achieve unparalleled results. You have the power of authentic influencer content that speaks to the audiences who want to see it and the power of paid social to amplify the message to the audiences you want to reach.

Yes, we do. If you're a marketer at a brand, you can access it for FREE! There are no hidden fees, numbers of searches or the amount of influencers you can look at. It's called Aria and if you click the technology section on our website, you can find out more about it.

Yes, Socially Powerful offers guaranteed results. We know how to get business results from social. Whether you're looking to build your brand, connect to new audiences, drive traffic, downloads, or sales, we reverse engineer from the agreed outcome to develop long-lasting engagement and business impact. We guarantee results. If we don't hit agreed KPI's you don't pay us. Simple.

Yes, influencer marketing works and has proven to be an effective strategy for businesses to reach and engage their target audiences through collaborations with online influencers. These influencers leverage their credibility and relationship with their followers to promote products, services, or brands, often leading to increased brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

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