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Influencer marketing is the perfect complement to the fashion industry. Whether you’re an established brand looking to increase sales, or an upcoming company hoping to raise awareness, influencer marketing can be a crucial tool for any fashion brand to leverage. As it is all about aesthetics, Instagram offers the ideal platform for fashion brands to advertise their new collections. Influencers are able to model their clothes in the most enviable way to stir up that “I’ve got to buy it now” sentiment. We have worked with fashion brands from every tier: from fashion icons such as Timberland, to the up-and-coming Student High Street. We have succeeded in growing their followings, boosted engagement and uplifted their sales.

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We exist for brands to communicate in the now. Our insights and innovations along with the latest technology bring creative, social and influencer marketing campaigns to life.

Provoke conversation with your audience, deliver content they enjoy from a voice they trust. Foster deep-rooted connections between your brand and audience to achieve your business goals.

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