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We are a global KOL marketing agency—with offices in Australia, China, the UK, US, Europe and the Middle East—that guarantees results.
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Bespoke KOL Marketing

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are trusted individuals that are experts within a particular niche. With offices in all corners of the globe, Socially Powerful is a leading KOL marketing agency that creates the most engaged and ROI-focused KOL marketing strategies. Working with global brands, we promise performance and impactful results for all our clients.

We pride ourselves on designing, activating and reporting bespoke KOL campaigns for every brand we work with. We are a KOL marketing agency that understands each brand has its own unique DNA and business goals. As a result, we are able to find, vet and brief relevant KOLs that resonate with your audience. Our brand collaborations are strategic, creative and strive to keep performance at their core.

Our KOL influencer marketing services occupy the intersection of technology and humanity. We combine data insights and the demographic relevance of KOLs with bespoke content and channel selection to achieve exceptional performance for our clients.

Access relevant KOLs from professional experts to KOL micro influencers

Our KOL marketing agency has exclusive access to the entirety of the KOL market. No matter which KOL channel you want to target, or the KOL niche you operate in, we will purposefully match you with KOLs of all social followings that are the right fit for your brand using our own scoring algorithm.

Led by our technology and development team, we have unrivalled access and data into the world of KOLs. We combine technology, KOLs and creative strategy to pair brands with influential KOLs to produce authentic content at scale. Our KOL marketing agency will seamlessly connect you to your target audience through reliable and relevant KOLs.

We strive to constantly innovate and drive KOL performance and ROI. We track performance, black-list KOLs with fake engagement and those who buy followers to cheat the system. Our KOL marketing agency has been the driving force behind thousands of KOL marketing campaigns. We capture, collect and analyse data to understand platform and KOL performance inside out, day by day. Whether you need WeChat KOLs or Weibo KOLs, we will find you the perfect influencer partnership.

Across all platforms and categories

Socially Powerful is a social agency that uses real-time insight to create ideas that prosper. Our approach is always platform and channel agnostic, activating global KOL marketing campaigns across the key platforms your audience lives. We provoke conversations and inspire people to act.

Whether you are a sports brand, technology, gaming, fashion, beauty, automotive or B2B, our KOL marketing agency can create campaigns that drive results, no matter what industry you operate in. We will connect you to audiences that care.

Our KOL marketing agency is long-term partners with platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Weibo, and WeChat. We consistently monitor all platform and algorithm changes, allowing us to go one step further to guarantee impactful results and outcomes for our clients.




KOL Marketing Strategies

We are a KOL marketing agency that develops innovative KOL marketing campaigns that are driven by long-term business goals, creativity, guaranteed performance and KOL capabilities. If you want to access global professionals or the most influential KOLs on social media—through macro, micro and even nano KOLs—we know we can make sure you achieve the results you deserve.


Specific KOL Matchmaking

We know that for every brand, there’s a perfect KOL partnership; we know where to find them. Using our in-house tools and technology team, we have complete access to the KOL market with our own KOL marketing platform. We can connect you with expert KOLs who are aligned with your brand goals to get people talking and acting. Whatever niche or scale of KOL you’re looking for, on whichever social platforms, we have you covered.


Paid Media

Our digital marketing team supercharges your KOL marketing campaigns with paid media agency to guarantee the best possible results for your brands across all activated platforms. We create and select engaging KOL content and drive it to broader audiences across social media. Consumers—especially in China, where KOL advertising is the favoured social media marketing method—are wary of traditional advertisements. Ads that are shown from a KOL’s channel perform 7X better than brand-owned media.


Campaign Measurement

Before beginning work on any KOL digital marketing campaign, we agree on data-driven and goal-oriented KPIs. This is how we ensure success. We continuously monitor progress from conception to completion to provide you with transparent, tangible insights and results that truly impact your business.


Content Strategy

Our content strategy gives KOLs the freedom to be authentic on platforms that hold the most power. It’s not advertising—it’s storytelling. We help brands integrate seamlessly into hard to access audiences with carefully matched KOLs, connecting as one with culture.



Our team of legal experts advises brands, influencers and KOLs on relevant partnership disclosure regulations and ensures our influencer contracts cover the full scope of the partnership or collaboration. Your KOL campaign will abide by all advertorial regulations, wherever the campaign may be running in the world.



The marketing landscape is constantly evolving; however, influencer and KOL marketing have remained popular marketing trends. Many brands have struggled to make KOL marketing a long-term investment that positively impacts their sales. Much like influencers in the West, KOLs are a crucial marketing approach in China. As a leading KOL marketing agency, we know we can help.

Whether you need an influencer marketing agency in the UK or an influencer marketing agency in the USA, our global offices can assist you in creating powerful influencer campaigns that have lasting impact.


Socially Powerful is a KOL marketing agency that provides results that outperform traditional marketing channels. Acting as an extension of your team, we design and activate bespoke macro and micro KOL marketing programmes. Our KOL marketing agency also provides complete social media services—from social video production, content distribution, community management, social commerce, to talent management. Alongside end-to-end social agency services, from strategy and creative to activation and operations, we can also deploy one-off activations and long-term KOL programmes.


Our approach for all clients remains platform and channel agnostic, activating global KOL marketing campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Weibo, WeChat and more. Through our data and insights team, we are able to guarantee results based on our years of data collection and previous campaign performance. We’re that confident, if we don’t hit the agreed KPIs, you don’t pay us.

Whether you’re wanting to build your brand, reach new audiences, drive traffic, downloads, or sales, we reverse engineer from the agreed outcomes to make informed decisions. KOL, creatives and platform decisions are supported with data, insights, metrics and performance analysis to develop long-lasting business impact.




We know how to get business results from social.
Whether you want to build your brand, connect to new target audiences, drive traffic, downloads, or sales, we reverse engineer from the agreed outcomes to develop long-lasting engagement and real business impact.
We guarantee results. Simple. If we don't hit agreed KPIs, you don't pay us.

Guaranteed Results

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KOL marketing and how it can benefit you:

Key opinion leader (KOL) marketing is where brands work with individuals who are experts within a specific subject or niche. The niche is usually related to the brand’s product offerings or services or is a topic that interests the brand’s target audience. The majority of KOL marketing occurs online, on social networks or social video websites. However, some KOL marketing occurs on popular niche blogs KOLs have built themselves.

Not all KOLs have built their popularity and reputation with online activity. KOL marketing was active before the internet, and it’s often considered a subset of celebrity marketing. As long as experts have existed, so has KOL marketing.

While KOL marketing and celebrity marketing are related, it’s important to identify the differences. KOL marketing uses the knowledge, understanding and expertise of an individual to promote a brand or product, whereas celebrity marketing relies on an individual’s popularity and reach.

The most common use of KOL marketing is the use of academic professionals and scientists within marketing. But effective KOL marketing requires more than using an expert. KOLs chosen need to be able to influence their audience’s behaviour. Having expert knowledge isn’t entirely helpful if said expert can’t influence anyone’s opinions or behaviours.

This means KOL marketing is a pure form of influencer marketing. In theory, all influencers should be KOLs. Unfortunately, not all influencers possess the expert knowledge in order to be a KOL, but they are experts at communicating.

KOL marketing is most effective in China. Creating a KOL marketing campaign in China is far more common than a traditional influencer marketing campaign. You can find Chinese KOLs in almost any field. They are particularly popular in topics encouraging instruction or guidance; some popular KOLs in mass interest niches have millions of followers.

Many Chinese consumers are wary of information broadcast through traditional advertising mediums. Using KOLs adds a layer of trust.

Why is KOL marketing effective?

KOLs garner respect. As experts in their niches, their followers listen to what they have to say and KOLs are capable of leading conversations in their field. When working with a reputable KOL, this expertise is shared with brands.

When a KOL mentions or uses your brand, their followers view it as a positive endorsement for your brand. Many KOL audiences will decide to try out your products, and if they like them, become regular customers.

Working with KOLs not only creates a considerable buzz around your brand, but positions your brand as an industry leader and professional favourite. KOLs often use innovative techniques to influence and educate their audiences, including competitions or TikTok Hashtag Challenges.

KOL marketing can lead to a very high ROI compared to traditional marketing channels. When using KOL marketing, you need to set clear goals before activating. These goals could be to increase sales, generate brand awareness or improve click-through rates.

KOL marketing can directly introduce you to your target audience with authority. KOLs will target your audience in their native feeds and social platforms, in a communication method that resonates with them. If you are able to identify a KOL who has influence over people who will have an interest in your brand, you can access an audience of like-minded, relevant people. This is where using a global KOL marketing agency can prove beneficial—we’re the KOL agency for you.

Why is KOL engagement important?

The main secret behind successful KOL engagement is trust. KOLs are relied on for expert, honest recommendations that are shared on their websites, video channels, social channels and social statuses. Audiences of KOLs respect their opinions, and in turn, trust any brands working with the KOL. Audiences believe what KOLs say and are likely to act when they see a trusted KOL use a product.

KOL engagement is important because it is viewed differently to traditional advertising. Chinese consumers are wary of traditional advertisements—whether an actor is used as a professional on TV, radio, billboards or any other traditional source, these ads are viewed as artificial.

When presented with an ad through a KOL influencer, consumers understand the product must be worthwhile and that it is worth the risk of trying the product themselves. KOL marketing is similar to word-of-mouth, but the audience hearing the message is significantly larger.

Using a KOL marketing agency can ensure your brand is partnered with relevant and influential KOLs. Socially Powerful is a KOL marketing agency that can discover, vet and brief KOLs that are aligned with your brand values and messaging, to create content that inspires. We will get your target audience talking and acting.

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